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Generic Morphine Sulphate 15mg x 10 Tablets

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Product Description

Generic Morphine Sulphate 15mg Tablets

Therapeutic Class:Narcotic analgesic

Composition: containing morphine sulphate 15mg

Description:Morphine applies an agonist effect at saturable opioid receptors in the CNS and other tissues & acts as opioid analgesic. Morphine is an analgesic drug used to treat acute and chronic pain. Obesity is frequently associated with pain of various origins (e.g. arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer), which increases the need for analgesic drugs. Obesity changes drug pharmacokinetics, and for certain drugs, specific modalities of prescription have been proposed for obese patients. However, scant data are available regarding the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of morphine in obesity. Prescription of morphine depends on pain relief but the occurrence of respiratory adverse effects correlates with obesity, and is not currently taken into account. Variations in the volume of distribution, elimination half-life and oral clearance of morphine, as well as recent advances in the respective roles of drug-metabolizing enzymes, catechol-O-methyltransferase and the μ opioid receptor in morphine pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, may contribute to differences between obese and non-obese patients. In addition, drug-drug interactions may alter the disposition of morphine and its glucuronide metabolites, which may either increase the risk of adverse effects or reduce drug efficacy.

Indications:Severe chronic pain or pain resistant to other analgesics, in particular pain associated with cancer.

Dosage:Adults:Recommended dosage is one tablet twice daily, at 12-hour intervals.Elderly:As with all narcotics a reduction in dosage may be advisable in the elderly, as appropriate.

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Product Reviews

  1. Injecting tablets

    Posted by MICK the STICK on 10th Apr 2015

    Injecting tablets, no matter how they are prepared, is NEVER to be recommended, as many excipients are as water soluble as morphine. Therefore you are NOT getting pure morphine sulphate no matter how you look at it. As for boiling hot water, you have obviously little knowledge of opiates - any temperature above 65 degrees Celsius will degrade ALL opiates/oids and produce unwanted and some quite toxic derivatives of the alkaloids.
    If you must IV morphine then for God's sake buy AMPOULES of Cyclimorph or something similar - you are doing nothing but ruining the morphine by dissolving in hot water; the traditional method of extraction from the other ingredients - barring inert substances like d-mannitol, lactose, etc - is CWE - Cold Water Extraction. Morphine is soluble in COLD water. No opiate should ever be prepared using heat above 65, and I limit that to 30 degrees to make absolutely sure when preparing any liquid solution for any purpose, though IV is, as I said, NOT recommended for tablets. Unless you have some kind of disregard for your health, that is.


    Posted by Chemist Man on 24th Jun 2011

    If you buy these tabs in the hopes of injecting, you better think again! I gave it a try and it burned by veins so bad I had to stop the injection before I could even push in 10 units of the water, and there only 2 tabs dissolved in 100 units (1cc). Most of the pill is insoluble even in boiling hot water, so even getting all the morphine out with just water might be impossible. I don't know what was in the pills, but something that was water soluble in those pills burned by vein so bad I thought it was gonna permanently destroy it right then and there!

    So I do NOT recommend shooting this pills. You'd need to do an extraction process to purify the morphine first. It might be possible to just dissolve the powder in hot ispropanol (ispropyl alcohol 99.9%) in a sealed flask on heating mantle with magnetic stirrer for a few hours, then filter out all the insoluble fillers, and place closed bottle of the alcohol solution in the freezer for a couple hours. The morphine should be stuck to the bottom and sides, and you can pour out the alcohol which should contain just the binders of the pill (like xanthan gum, povidone, carbopol acrylic resin just to name a few common ones) and if you evaporate the alcohol, you'll see that it sticks to glass like concrete and its hard to scrape off, because that's what binders do in pills --- the bind all the ingredients together and make it very hard to dissolve, which is why something called "disintegrants" are also added to pills to help them dissolve in your stomach. Croscarmellose sodium is the most common disintegrant, along with crospovidone and gallun gum.

    Any, once the alcohol dries that remained with the morphine that froze out of solution, you should have a nice pure powder, and it will be white as long as you use gentle indirect heat to do the evaporation (and NO open flames!). An electric heating pad does the job nice and gently. I did this with those heroin pills they sell on this site and i worked wonderfully, leaving me with nice white heroin powder, but only 600mg when there should have been 990mg of heroin in 33 pills (since they claim each pill has 30mg of heroin in it). But it's possible some heroin is still left behind in the fillers that didn't dissolve in the alcohol, so don't assume this website is cheating you just yet. But it sure would suck if each pill only had 20mg of heroin in it. That's why I'm gonna do a more advanced extraction technique and find out for sure if these pills contain the amount of drugs the claim, and if they're consistent.

    But with morphine, they're having sale this month (June) on the pure morphine powder that has no cutting agents added. Only $12 to $13 per gram!! Now that's incredible!!

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