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Shipping & Re-Shipping Policy

Shipping Terms & Delivery/TA Time

We offer the following shipping services.

From Pakistan:

(EMS) Express Mailing Service.

(RB) Registered Bulk Airmail Service.


From United Kingdom:

Royal Mail Shipping Service.

Parcel Force Shipping Service.


From United States:

UPS Registered Mail Service.

USPS International Mail Service (EMS).


From Singapore:

SingPost Shipping Service.

Fedex Shipping Service.


From China:

Express Mailing Service (EMS)


Private Services:

DHL Shipping Service from Pakistan/Dubai/UK.   (Route Dependent)

TNT Express Mail Service from Pakistan/Dubai/UK. (Route Dependent)

When completing your order through our website the shopping cart will show you different shipping methods alongwith description of each shipping method given right next to the shipping option. Only available shipping methods would be visible at the end of the shipping method selection process.

Order Size & Shipping Cost Calculation: The cart automatically updates it self and calculates the shipping charges depending on the product quantity of your order. Details on our regular and readily available shipping methods are posted below.

1) Shipping from Pakistan by Express Mail Shipping Service (EMS) requires signature and is easily track-able but delivery is not guaranteed.

By EMS our T/A time are

4-6 days to USA

3-5 days to United Kingdom

4-7 days to other locations having direct flights from Pakistan.

Shipping charges are $100 per KG (300 amps or 300 blisters or 3000 tablets) from EMS.

2) Shipping from Pakistan by Normal Reg. Airmail (RB) requires signature and is easily track-able but delivery is not guaranteed.

By Normal Reg. Airmail our T/A time are

12-25 days to USA

10-15 days to United Kingdom

15-25 days to other locations having direct flights from Pakistan.

Shipping charges are $65 per KG (300 amps or 300 blisters or 3000 tablets) from Normal Reg. Airmail.

NOTE: Normal Reg. Airmail (RB) parcels can take from 15 to 25 days (Normal Delivery) to 16 to 18 Weeks (which happens rarely) for delivery maximum. Normal Reg. Airmail (RB) parcels have often no tracking status updates on websites like ParcelForce, Laposte, Germany Post. Some postal services like USPS often do not update parcel status at all on USPS website until after delivery or if the parcel is seized by them or sometimes the parcel status continuously shows "ORIGIN POST IS PREPARING SHIPMENT" or "ITEMS PROCESSED THROUGH SORTING FACILITY AT PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (AIRPORT NAME)" on USPS website even after the parcel clearly shows sent from Pakistan on Pakistan Post website. Therefore, For Normal Reg. Airmail (RB) parcels we would not be responsible if the tracking status is not visible or not being updated on the destination country's postal website. We are only responsible to make the parcel tracking status to show as sent from Pakistan on Pakistan Post website. If in case Pakistan Post website fails to show parcel status then we are liable to provide booking slip for the parcel on demand or to reship if needed after waiting for at least minimum 45 to 60 days after the tracking is issued and provided to the customer.

3) Shipping from United Kingdom by Royal Mail/Parcel Force Shipping Service requires signature and is easily track-able. We can ship from Royal Mail/Parcel Force to anywhere in the world.

By Royal Mail/Parcel Force our T/A time are

7-10 days world wide (Europe, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and rest of the world).

Normal shipping charges are $200 per KG (300 amps or 300 blisters or 3000 tablets) from Royal Mail.

4) Shipping from Pakistan/Dubai/UK by DHL/TNT Express Mail Shipping Service requires signature and is easily track-able. Preferred shipping destinations using TNT Shipping Service are United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Turkey and Germany for bulk orders.

By DHL/TNT Shipping Service our T/A time are

4-6 days world wide (To preferred locations mentioned above).

Normal shipping charges are $200 per KG (150 amps or 150 blisters or 1500 tablets) from DHL/TNT Shipping Service.

Note: Parcels destinated to Australia, Canada and USA will be shipped by DHL/TNT from Pakistan to UK on our responsibility and then they would be sent from UK to Australia, Canada or USA on the customer's responsibility.

Order Processing & Trackings: All orders are shipped within 24 hours (Excluding Weekends/Govt. Holidays/Postal Delays/Failures/Customs Issues) after receiving payments. After we ship the products, please allow the due time period depending on the shipping method which you selected for arrival of the products. (2-4 weeks in extreme cases (Applicable for EMS only)).

We provide tracking no’s of your parcels in 24 to 48 hours (Excluding Weekend/Govt. Holidays/Postal Delays/Failures/Customs Issues) once your payment has been received by us. You can track your orders on your country’s local post company website. The trackings of your shipments that we provide update every moment.

Delivery Delays, Seizures and Re-Shipping (APPLICABLE FOR SHIPPING FROM PAKISTAN):

DELIVERY DELAYS: A variety of factors can influence this, such as local, national and/or state holidays or just postal system that sometimes doesn’t work properly.

SEIZURES AND RE-SHIPPING: We have a very high rate of successful deliveries (97+%). Delivery rate may vary from time to time. But we try our best to reach that 97+% figure. In the unlikely event that if your package is detained by customs, we will reship your full order that got seized in 3 to 4 new next orders (To be made from the Pakistan Stocks only) worth of which should be either of the same amount or more than the original order amount of the previously seized order. The order will be reshipped upon the customer’s presentation of the original scanned seizure letter in the original envelope it came in. If the customer chooses not to make a new order then he will present a scanned copy of the medical import license at his own name along with the scanned copy of the original seizure letter and we,ll get the order released from customs. If the customer chooses to order products from a different location besides Pakistan worth the order amount or more than the order amount of the order that got seized after being shipped from Pakistan and requests a reship for the order from Pakistan it would not be possible for us to do that because of our minimal profit margins from other locations. Please contact us for further details.

DAMAGED ITEMS IN TRANSIT: This is extremely rare, due to our unique packing method and safely handled shipping procedures that your package gets damaged. However, if you receive your package and find damaged items or different or less items than you ordered please take some pictures with a digital camera and send them to us via E-mail. We will gladly replace packages if we receive a picture of a clearly damaged package and damaged merchandise when you place a new order of the same amount as the previous order. If you choose not to give another order you may provide us a scanned copy of your original medicine import license and we will resend your order.  Please contact us for further details. 

General Shipping Policy & Reshipping Policy:

  • We reserve the right to process and ship orders only after payment has been transferred and valid/clean shipping address provided. 
  • Our shipping terms & conditions may change without any prior notice published on the website. (Because our shipping policies and order reverse policies depend on the destination country postal service and customs department rules & regulations)
  • Orders are processed and shipped out in 24-48 hours.(Except Weekend/Govt. Holidays/Postal Delays/Issues/Customs Issues)
  • We always split bigger orders to make shipments reasonably small and discrete.
  • We always prepare your shipments to be rough transport proof & silent, ensuring secure and smooth arrival.
  • We cover all regular shipping costs as usual.
  • Our regular shipments are shipped via registered airmail (priority) , therefore have tracking and requires signature on arrival.
    (That way shipping is faster and more reliable , also still extremely discrete secure)
  • We guarantee one time 100% resend on the next order of the same amount as the previous only for packages which aren't received but shipped via registered mail (tracking/signature/priority) or because of confiscation, under conditions:
  • Two months have passed from date of shipment. (Tracking was provided, But never activated)
  • Scanned copy of seizure letter is required. (Items were seized)
  • We will need a new 100% clean/secure shipping address, unrelated to previous addressee.
  • We offer one time 100% resend of ordered products damaged/destroyed in transport under condition.
  • We will need you to email us pictures of damaged products/packaging.
    (Original condition, right after arrival)


  • Company does not advocate, encourage, possess, or attempt to obtain any of the products and can not be held responsible for the actions taken by our viewers and customers.
  • The descriptions and opinions offered in this site are not medical suggestions or advice but are generally based on speculative and subjective values. Every athlete who contemplates taking these products should always first consult a licensed physician as their improper and unsupervised use can cause damaging and permanent side effects.